16 Photos Showing The Beautiful Mutation That Is Heterochromia

November 30, 2016 14:58

To many, eyes are the most beautiful part of the body. Not only are they the windows to the soul, but their color and size can vary considerably from person to person.

Have you ever heard of heterochromia iridum? This interesting abnormality is characterized by the iris (colored part of the eye) being different colors in each eye. While heterochromia is a rare mutation, it is arguably one of the most beautiful mutations that a human, or an animal, can have.

Here are 16 pictures showing how magnificent heterochromia can be.

1. The combination of one hazel eye and one blue eye is stunning.

2. Heterochromia doesn't always involve both eyes being different colors and can be restricted to one iris.

This is known as partial heterochromia.

3. Another awesome example of hazel and blue.

4. Here is a cat with partial heterochromia.

5. This pupper has interesting partial heterochromia in both eyes.

The bottom half is white while the top half is black.

6. Central heterochromia involves the area just around the pupil having a different color than the periphery of the iris.

7. Definitely one of the most striking examples of partial heterochromia I have seen!

8. Icy blue with gold/hazel.

9. This woman and her cat both have it!

10. Hazel/brown with light blue/gray.


11. Light blue and brown.

12. Bright blue and green/hazel.

13. This, by far, is the most striking example of cat heterochromia in my opinion!

14. Brown and light blue.

15. Blue and brown.

16. Sometimes the condition can occur temporarily as a result of surgery.

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