4 Sahwa members killed in an armed attack southern Tikrit

August 10, 2012 08:51
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A Salahuddin police source reported, on Friday, that 4 Sahwa members were killed in an armed attack carried out on a checkpoint southern Tikrit.

“Unknown gunmen carried out, late on Thursday night, an armed attack over a Sahwa checkpoint in Al Shabaab village, eastern Al Dujail District, which led to the death of 4 Sahwa members,” the source told Alsumarianews.

“The gunmen burned the cars of 2 victims before running away to an unknown location,” the source added on the condition of anonymity. “A police force cordoned off the incident site and transported corpses to forensic medicine department,” the source added noting that security forces also executed a search and raid operation to find the killers.

Also on Thursday, 5 wanted for terrorism charges were arrested western Tikrit.

Salahuddin Province which is situated 170 km northern Baghdad still witnesses violent attacks targeting both civilians and security forces. Security forces, for their part, carry out search and raid operations all over the province arresting dozens of wanted with criminal and terrorism charges.

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