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Iraq Karbala warns against Al Qaeda members disguised as beggars

January 28, 2013 13:47

Karbala’s administrative district warned on Monday against Al Qaeda members entering Karbala city disguised as foreign beggars especially those coming from Pakistan and called upon the Ministry of Internal Affairs to fight the begging phenomenon by terminating the residence of those foreign people.

“Last month we have noticed that foreign citizens especially Pakistanis and Indians are begging in Karbala which might entail security risks”, said Karbala’s administrative officer Hussein Al Mankushi in a statement to Alsumaria. He warned against “attempts to infiltrate Al Qaeda members who are active in Pakistan into the country and especially Karbala in a formal way and with fundamentalists”.

“Those people wander throughout Iraq and beg for money in cities; consequently they gather important information and maybe execute terroristic attacks”, considered Al Mankushi, calling upon the Ministry of Internal Affairs to fight the begging phenomenon, find the motives that lie behind their activities and terminate their residence immediately”.

“There are many negative social and psychological repercussions to this phenomenon let alone the effects it has on security”, mentioned Karbala’s administrative officer, reiterating “the necessity to fight such activities”.

Tens of people from both sexes beg everyday in Karbala where this phenomenon has expended in the last few years. Karbala’s religious status and the millions that visit it yearly make it the most suitable place to beg.

Politics , Security
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