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Adel Abdul Mahdi: Government is a failure and Iraqis are hostages

By Ahmad Hussein, Ahmad Wadi - April 26, 2013 11:00

Previous Vice-President Adel Abdul Mahdi considered on Thursday April 25, that the Iraqi Government “has failed” on the level of politics, security and services. He qualified the different categories of citizens as “hostages” to violence, vengeance and hatred as a result to this failure.

“We all have become hostages, required to be wise in a world void of any wisdom. The Sunnis are hostages; they cannot support the policies of authorities that weaken them in their regions and threaten them in other regions. The Shias are also hostages. They stand helpless before daily killings and menacing threats while they find themselves unable to discuss failing policies related to their security, politics and services", wrote Abdul Mahdi in the opening of “Al Adala” (The Justice) newspaper in the issue of Thursday April 25th, which Alsumaria read.

“Fighting terrorism can be done by winning over and protecting Shias, Sunnis and all the people”, he added. “Some invest in the same tactics adopted by terroristic groups to mobilize their followers, but this only resulted in turning us all into hostages to terrorism, angriness and chaos, for which we pay twice: once when we commit them and once when we back out”, he noted.

Abdul Mahdi advised that “we should stand up to terrorism through unified national mobilization and through a firm political, economic, administrative, social and regional line; not only through security measures”. He stressed that “without Shias supporting Sunnis, we will promote terrorism whether we like it or not; and without Sunnis supporting Shias, rightful demands will not be met”.

“When blood is shed, we all become hostages of violence, vengeance and hatred”, he carried on to say, warning that “the country is at grave risk; we should stop following affiliations. Without the moderate Sunni partner, Shias cannot enjoy security; and without the fair Shia partner, the Sunnis cannot feel that this government is theirs too”.

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5 - الكرادة تعرفك
الم تكن نائب رئيس الجمهورية وتركت الدولة وعملت مع العصابات المنظمة وسرقت المصارف وقتلت حرس المصرف وعندم كشفتك الدولة وهربت المجرمين الى ايرن واصبحت انت الشريف اللة انت وجماعتك سبب بلاء العراق
26 - 04 - 2013
4 - شيعي
هذا كلام مال واحد جبان... دائما انتم(هذا الاتجاه السياسي ) انتهازيين وانت اكبر لاهث وراء السلطة وكنت تستجدي اراء الدول العربية لتنصيبك رئيس للوزراء وبالحقيقة هذا ضعف في شخصية المجلس واصحاب الطاولة المستديرة ، اردتم تشكيل حكومة مع الارهابيين لولا الشريف هادي العامري وان المالكي اشرف منكم وبعدهم مانسوا العراقيين يوم كنسوكم من تسع محافظات جنوبية واختارو دولة القانون
26 - 04 - 2013
3 - فاشلين
جميعكم اللذين اتيتوا حديثا الى العراق واصبحتم بالحكم فاشلين ولم تكسبوا رضى المواطن وانتم جعلتوا المواطن وجميع الشعب يندم على فراق صدام او الحكم السابق من سرقتكم لاموال الشعب والدوله وبدون خدمات ولا اعمار والان تريدون ان تبنوا او تستقروا ياخونة
26 - 04 - 2013
2 - البايلوجي
انت مو كنت نائب رئيس الجمهورية شنو الي سويتة ونجحت بي . لو هسة مويمك السالفة شعليك معليك .
25 - 04 - 2013
1 - حرامي
حرامي وصرت شريف الله على الظالمين
25 - 04 - 2013
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