Sinjar hospital receives bodies of 6 Iraqi soldiers killed by Free Syrian Army

06 March 2013 - 10:26


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A source in Sinjar General Hospital in Nineveh reported on Wednesday March 6 that the hospital took delivery of 6 Iraqi soldiers killed in confrontations with troops from the Free Syrian Army after the latter attacked watch turrets on the border line between Rabi’a and Al Bi’aj.

“General Hospital of Sinjar district (located at 120 Km North West of Mosul) took delivery of the bodies of 6 Iraqi soldiers who were killed by the Free Syrian Army sometime after midnight on Tuesday March 5”, said the source.
The source who preferred to remain anonymous mentioned that “the dead soldiers’ bodies haven’t arrived yet to the Forensic Medicine Directorate in Mosul”.

The source added that “members of the Free Syrian Army attacked the watch turrets located on the border line with Syria between Rabi’a and Al Bi’aj”.

A security source in Nineveh announced on the night of Tuesday March 5 that an Iraqi soldier was killed by a Free Syrian Army sniper near Rabi’a crossing on the western border of Mosul.

A number of soldier from the Syrian state army entered Iraqi territories to receive medical care on March 2nd after being hit in violent confrontations with the Free Syrian Army controlling Al Yaarabiyah crossing facing Rabi’a border point. Iraqi authorities decided to completely close the latter crossing on March 3 until further notice.

A source in Al Anbar police stated on Monday March 4, that 33 Syrian soldiers and 7 Iraqi soldiers were killed in an ambush executed by armed men near the Syrian-Iraqi Borders in Aakashat region west of the province. It also confirmed that Syrian soldiers fled to Iraq 2 days earlier through Al Yaaribiyah border crossing while the Iraqi army wanted to take them back to Syria through the open crossing point.

Four mortar bombs, fired from the Syrian territories, landed on Rabi’a border outlet on February 28. Another surface to surface missile was fired from the Syrian territories in Talghafar district west of Mosul while Nineveh’s Governor Athyl Al Noujaifi called upon the central government to deposit an official protest memorandum before Syrian authorities.

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