Aata: Vian Dakhil injured and pilot dead in Sinjar plane crash

August 13, 2014 11:00

The spokesperson of the Iraqi Army’s Commander-in-Chief’s office, Lieutenant General Qassem Aata announced on Tuesdat that Parliament Member Vian Dakhil was injured when her chopper crashed in Sinjar, confirming that the pilot was killed.

“PM Vian Dakhil was injured in a plane crash in Sinjar while the chopper’s pilot was killed”, said Iraq’s National TV station quoting Aata.

“The Iraqi Army Air Force pulled Dakhil out of the crash site alongside a number of journalists from Kurdistan region”, added Aata.

Lieutenant General Aata has previously reported on Tuesday the crashing of an Iraqi aircraft carrying humanitarian aids to the citizens trapped in Sinjar, due to a technical problem. The Peshmerga announced that the chopper’s pilot was killed while Vian Dakhil, who was aboard the aircraft survived.

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