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Zuckerberg turns Facebook offices to art exhibitions

October 19, 2016 10:18

Mark Zuckerberg posted on facebook: “For our next set of photos exploring inside our company, I want to share our culture of art.”

He added: "I've always believed our offices should feel like a work in progress, just like our products and the community we're trying to build. When you step onto our campus, you should feel like you can shape the world around you."

Then he considered that "That's why ever since our first office, we've had local artists come in and paint the walls to inspire creativity and create an evolving environment."

In addition to that, he noted: "We now have a print studio and workshop called the Facebook Analog Research Laboratory where teams can take a break and draw something or make a print to hang on our walls. A lot of the art that comes out the Lab highlights our values like staying connected, building community and helping people."

Zuckerberg confirmed that: "The Lab also runs our Artists-in-Residency program where emerging artists from the local community and around the world come to Facebook to experiment with our campus as their canvas. Here are some of my favorite pieces around our offices today."

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