Iraq Supreme Federal Court honors Alsumaria TV over Mosul coverage

July 13, 2017 13:39

The Supreme Federal Court of Iraq honored Alsumaria Iraqi Satellite TV Station for its genuine coverage of Mosul battle and liberation.

A delegation from the Supreme Federal Court of Iraq visited Alsumaria TV premises as a part of a visit tour to the media establishments that have played a constructive role in Mosul coverage.

The Supreme Court’s delegation headed by the Court’s General Director Asaad Diaa Khamas included as well Head of Media Bureau at Supreme Federal Court Iyas Al Samouk and Website Manager Wasan Nouri. The delegation met with Alsumaria TV General Manager Ammar Talal.

Khamas conveyed to Alsumaria’s team the sincere regards of Head of the Supreme Federal Court Midhat Al Mahmoud and paid tribute to the memory of Alsumaria’s photographer Ali Raysan along with the martyrs of armed forces killed in Mosul battle in sacrifice for the nation.

Khamas offered on behalf of the Supreme Federal Court of Iraq an award of appreciation to Alsumaria General Manager for Alsumaria genuine coverage of Mosul battle and liberation and support to Iraqi Army.

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