Prizes worth more than 40,000,000 IQDs for the first time ever on Alsumaria in the Big Campaign!

November 27, 2017 15:43

For the first time ever, Alsumaria announces for its viewers prizes worth more than 40,000,000 IQDs in the Big campaign.
Have you ever thought of what you would do with 10,000,000 IQDS? Buy a car? Go on vacation? The possibilities are countless and your dreams are endless! Well, time to make your dreams come true, because Alsumaria’s BIG Campaign is here with:

> 10 weekly CASH prizes of 3,000,000 IQD!

>A Grand CASH prize of …10,000,000 IQD!
>And many more extra prizes!
Participation is for free on the first day, then a charge of 500 IQD/Day applies.

Live draws will be performed every week on Alsumaria TV!

Participate now and also receive exciting trivia news “Did you know...” “How …”?
Simply send JOIN to:
• 2695 for Asiacell
• 2242 for Korek
• 3984 for Zain

The campaign will be active from 16/11/17 until 31/01/18, so do not lose time!

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