15 killed and injured in Iraq blasts

May 26, 2012 10:55
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15 persons including a major officer were killed and injured, and 6 others were kidnapped, Iraqi Security forces reported, on Friday, noting that 3 leaders of the Naqshbandi group were arrested.

A Brigadier General in Interior Ministry was murdered by unknown gunmen while leaving his house in Al Saydiya neighborhood southern Baghdad, while a civilian was murdered in Diyala in an explosion that targeted his house. 3 leaders in the Naqshbandi group were arrested in Salahuddin Province where security forces also discovered a hideout of blasting devices and bombs northern Tikrit.

In northern Tikrit as well, unknown gunmen kidnapped 6 people whose abduction was blamed on a Sahwa leader, parents of the victims claimed. A policeman was killed in a blasting device explosion that targeted his car southern Tikrit.

A blasting device explosion targeted Nineveh provincial council Vice-President Daldar Al Zibari’s convoy, near Sanharib bridge eastern Mosul, which led to the death of a women and the injury of 6 persons from the same family in addition to 2 bodyguards of Zibari.

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