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Iraq Health Directorate confiscates 33 tons of invalid food material

June 30, 2012 11:05

Kirkuk Health Directorate announced on Saturday that Iraqi Health control teams have confiscated more than 33 tons of invalid food materials. Health control has been intensified on the province’s markets and stores to prevent the circulation of harmful food material.

The General Director of Kirkuk Health Directorate Sadiq Omar Rasoul said in an interview with Alsumarianews that health control teams from the Health Directorate have carried out in coordination with concerned parties a comprehensive campaign during the month of May 2012 in local markets and stores. In result, 28 tons of invalid solid food and 6000 Liter of invalid liquid material were confiscated.

Head of Health Control Denise Anwar stressed that the campaign will be carried on to make sure no invalid food material is sold to consumers.

Source :  News Source
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