Shabak people demonstrating following the death and injury of more than 50 Shabakis

August 13, 2012 14:41
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Demonstration was the final remaining choice of Shabak people to draw Baghdad government’s attention to interfere after the death and injury of more than 50 Shabakis in a suicide explosion that targeted Friday prayers in Al Muafaqiya village. Marginalization was behind requests to form a special defense force, protesters advanced.

“We want our rights as Iraqi citizens who desire to live in peace, we therefore ask Iraqi Prime Minister to take us into consideration or we will be extinguished in Nineveh valley,” a Shabaki media figure Assad Khaldun said.

“We want a Shabaki regiment to protect our region,” spokesman of the Shabaki higher council Haidar Mahmud uttered.

Shabak people also stress that disputes between Baghdad and Kurdistan about their lands are behind these constant attacks.

“Nor Baghdad have the strength to rule the region, nor Kurdistan is imposing its control,” Shabaki intellectuals association member Abul Zahra Al Agha indicated.

“It is Kurdistan’s duty to allow police, military and Nineveh operations command to be active in the region,” spokesman of the Shabaki democratic gathering Mohamed Al Shabaki pointed out.

Nineveh local government members agree with aforementioned statements assuring that attacks are nothing but a Kurdish attempt to link Shabaki regions to Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

“This is a new agenda to isolate Shabaki regions from Nineveh and link them to Kurdistan,” Nineveh provincial council member Thamer Al Shamari expected.

“Peshmerga forces’ presence in the region is the main issue,” another Nineveh provincial council member Yehya Abd Mahjub added noting that Peshmerga withdrawal and the formation of a Shabaki force linked to central government is the perfect solution.

Security and service issues are expected to increase in Nineveh valley and other disputed areas especially under constant issues between Baghdad and Kurdistan and the absence of actual representation in governmental institutions.

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