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Al Aamiri: Iraq PM Maliki does not consider use of force against Kurds

December 01, 2012 11:16

Iraqi Transportation Minister Hadi Al Aamiri, confirmed on Saturday, that the Prime Minister isn’t even considering the use of force against the Kurds and saw this impasse between Baghdad and Arbil as a short phase that will soon end.

In a speech made before the first Conference for International Capacities held, on Saturday in Kirkuk and attended by Alsumarianews, Al Aamiri said: “Prime Minister Al Maliki isn’t even considering the use of weapons against the Kurds, to solve the crisis between the center and the Kurdistan region”, considering that “this short phase will soon end after the two parties enter into dialogue.”

“The use of weapons will not solve the problem between Baghdad and Arbil”, added Al Aamiri, insisting that “dialogue is the only choice to arrive to a solution that satisfies all parties.”

“Article 140 is a constitutional article” noted the Transportation Minister, and pointed out that “the Government is committed to implementing it, through 3 phases, naturalization, statistics and polling”.

On November 29, the Iraqi Kurdistan region presidency announced that Baghdad went back on its promises, and confirmed that all the Kurdish parties have agreed to putting an end to “dictatorship and military-ship” in Baghdad as well as not allowing any chauvinistic campaign against Kirkuk and the disputed regions. It also stressed the importance of serious dialogue and enhancement of internal rule in the region.

A source present at the meeting revealed that the delegated Kurdish envoy informed Al Barazani about Premier Al Maliki’s refusal to withdraw the Iraqi Army from the disputed region, highlighting that Al Maliki did not approve of the Tigris Operations. The source mentioned that it was decided during the meeting to keep the Peshmerga forces in the region.

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