Al Nujaifi suggests replacing Iraq Army and Peshmerga Forces in tensed areas with local police

December 05, 2012 10:11

Head of Iraqi parliament Osama Al Nujaifi suggested on Kurdistan Leader Massoud Al Barazani to solve Baghdad-Arbil crisis by withdrawing army and Peshmerga forces from tensed areas and deploying police forces instead. Al Barazani viewed this suggestion as positive.

“Head of Parliament met with Kurdistan leader Massoud Al Barazani in Arbil and presented him with a new suggestion based on the withdrawal of the army and the Peshmerga forces from tensed areas and replacing them with the local police” said a report issued Wednesday 5 by the Head of Parliament’s media office of which Alsumaria received a copy. The report showed that “the suggestion aims to ease tension and avoid a direct military confrontation”.

Head of Parliament Osama Al Nujayfi, arrived to Kurdistan region on Tuesday, December 4, and directly met with the region’s leader Massoud Al Barazani to look into the current impasse.

Efforts to solve Baghdad/Arbil crisis regressed after the failure of the military meeting between the Peshmerga delegation and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense officials. Kurdistan leadership reported on November 29 that Baghdad went back on its promises. Kurdistan also confirmed that all Kurdish parties have agreed to refuse “dictatorship and military-ship” in Baghdad as well as not allowing any chauvinistic campaign against Kirkuk and the disputed regions. It also stressed the importance of serious dialogue and enhancement of internal rule in the region.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki called on Iraqi President Jalal Al Talabani on December 1, to be a true President and defender of the Constitution. President Jalal Al Talabani confirmed on December 2, during his meeting with the American ambassador in Iraq Stephen Beecroft that “the current situation does not tolerate escalation or tension”, referring to the latest developments between Baghdad and Arbil. He also promised to pursue his effort to solve the matter. On his behalf, Beecroft mentioned that the United States will do their best to support all Iraqi parties without any discrimination.

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