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Will the World end on 21-12-2012?

December 21, 2012 10:49

- It’s the end of the word; not according to us but to some believer in the Mayan calendar. Mayan priests have started a prayer ritual conceived especially for the end of the world including dancing, incense burning, and fireworks during the celebration held in Chapultepec Park in Mexico City. Priest Jose Marquise clarified that the Mayan calendar is lengthy; however it will end on the December 21st of this year.

- The music Godfather, nicknamed in India as Ravi Shankar, has helped millions of Jazz, Rock and even Indian music lovers in their performances. He also played music regularly with his daughter Anoushka. Ravi died in San Diego close to his home in South California. Many mourned his death all over the world and in his home India. This Indian musician was not contented with mere playing; he also invented instruments with weird forms and sounds.

- Away from Rome’s rich history, many travelling agencies offer touristic trips to the city but for a different kind of tourism. During these trips people discover the Italian cuisine and each tourist gets the chance to taste it. Dan Tistacio, the touristic guide, acquaints the visitors first with the Corintos ie croissants without forgetting the delicious cheeses, pizzas, pasties and pastas alongside old and special dishes from Rome and other provinces; while giving a detailed historic outline about those delicacies.

- We remain in Italy where heavy snow covered northern Italy and turned Torino and Milano into a white spot. It snowed heavily and non-stop which forced authorities to warn citizens against the dangers of driving in such weather conditions. Snow is expected to continue for the next couple of days and the temperature will remain low. Some citizens decided to brave into the cold and get out of the house, while others stayed home and monitored the weather through the media or from their balconies.

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