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Report: Iraq Defense Minister and 7 others accountable in Russian arms deal

December 27, 2012 14:36

The final report of the Iraqi parliamentary investigation committee held only 8 people responsible in the Russian arms deal with Iraq, including the Minister of Defense.
Probe ove rthe Russian weapons deal carried out by the Parliamentary committee included 30 people; however the final report held only 8 accountable among whom the acting Defense Minister alongside other officials. The report made sure not to refer to them as suspects and left the matter in the hands of the law.

“These 8 people will be interrogated in court considering that they all have direct income from this transaction. The committee is under the general impression that these 8 played the most important role in managing this deal and has agreed to abstain from referring to any of them as suspect since it doesn’t aim to accuse anyone yet will let the court make accusations”, said member of the Ministerial Integrity Committee, Hussein Al Assadi.

According to the committee members, the report gave a full picture of what the Russian weapon transaction consists of. This same report will be submitted to the parliament which will in turn hand it over to the Integrity Committee and to the prosecution to rule in the case.

“The committee is convinced that there are many persons involved in this deal and the report will mention them. We are waiting until the Integrity Committee and the prosecution are done with the report”, commented vice president of the committee Ahmad Al Jaburi.

On the one hand, jurists confirm that it is improbable that any of these 8 people will be convicted with a criminal sentence for lack of assertive proof of corruption or squandering of public money. On the other hand, politicians assure that their punishment will be professional such as withdrawal of vote of confidence or dismissal from position, if any shortcoming has been proven against any person in this case.

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