A new commercial crossing point opens between Iraq Kurdistan and Syria

February 05, 2013 11:16

Kurdish National Council in Syria announced on Tuesday that Fish Khabur border crossing between Syria and Kurdistan has been opened to boost the economic activity in Kurdish regions in Syria. It confirmed that “during the following few days a temporary military bridge will be placed to link the banks of Tigris to facilitate the transfer of goods”.

“The Higher Kurdish Commission in Syria decided on the first of February to make the crossing point (Fish Khabur-Simalka) a commercial gateway between Syria and Kurdistan”, said spokesperson of Kurdish National Council in Syria, Chalal Kedo in a statement to Alsumaria. He revealed that “during the next few days a temporary military bridge will be placed to link the banks of Tigris which separates the Iraqi-Syrian borders to facilitate the transfer of goods”.

“The border authority in Syria has prepared a list of symbolic custom taxes that will be applied on commercial goods entering Syria”, added Kedo, stressing that “the financial resources of the crossing point will be transferred to the account of the Higher Kurdish Commission who is leading all Kurdish movements in the Kurdish cities of Syria as well as the legal authority responsible for the Syrian side of the border”, added Kedo.

“Kurdistan took a humanitarian stance towards opening the crossing to aids sent to Kurdish regions in Syria” stressed Kedo, explaining that opening this crossing as a commercial one will help reduce the migration towards Kurdistan and boost the economy of Kurdish regions in Syria who are subjected to a siege.”

Kurdistan presidency began in January 17, 2013 sending relief aids to Syria via Fish Khabur crossing in boats. Local officials in Dahuk revealed at a prior time that many efforts were exhorted to link Iraqi and Syrian border with a temporary bridge at Fish Khabur to facilitate the sending of aids to Syria.

Fish Khabur crossing is located on Tigris river about 50 kilometers west of Dahuk and within Kurdistan’s borders. The crossing was established in 1991 and links Iraqi and Syrian territories with boats. It is the only outlet that attaches Kurdistan to Syria. After 2003, this crossing was not used frequently to promote the use of Rabi’a crossing.

Syria has been witnessing ever since March 15, 2011 widespread popular protests demanding reform and democracy. After the Syrian Security Forces and forces known as “Shabiha” faced the protests with unparalleled violence, the protesters demanded the fall of Assad’s regime. These events resulted in the death of more than 62 thousand persons according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The Syrian Authority blames “terrorist” groups of organizing these violence acts.

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