Basra council calls to establish camps for Syrian refugees in Iraq

February 11, 2013 10:00

Iraq Basra provincial council called upon the local government and the United Nations to quickly build camps to shelter the Syrian refugees in the province whose number amounts to 82 displaced suffering from poor living conditions.

“The council called on the Iraqi government and the United Nations’ Assistance Mission for Iraq UNAMI to quickly build camps to shelter the Syrian refugees in the province whose number amounts to 82 displaced”, said head of the Foreign Relations’ Committee in the provincial council Hassan Al Rashid in a statement to Alsumaria. He revealed that “the establishment of the camp requires the approval of the central government and the support of the UN”.

“UN consider that a camp cannot be built unless the number of refugees reached 300; however the provincial council emphasizes the necessity of building a camp when the number exceeds 50”, mentioned Ar Rashid, clarifying that “security regards should be taken into consideration when establishing camps that also contribute in improving living conditions for refugees”.

“The provincial council doesn’t wish to encourage refugees to come to Al Basra”, reiterated Al Rashid, adding that “the council will hold an extended meeting in its headquarters next Tuesday to look though the refugees’ situation with the presence of their representatives”.

“Tens of the Syrian citizens running away from the violence raging in their country have arrived to Al Basra during the last few weeks after entering Iraq through Kurdistan region borders”, said Syrian refugee in Iraq Munir Thibo Abdullah. He clarified that “up to this point local authorities haven’t bothered showing them any support, despite the fact that they live in harsh conditions”.

“What pushed me to leave Al Basra and head to Kirkuk is the lack of interest and support I witnessed” mentioned Abdullah who was in Al Basra then left it for Kirkuk. “Most of the Syrians in this province live in small motels within Al Aashar and Al Shabab region. Some of them hope to get a job that allows them to support their families”, he added.

Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed in mid September 2012 that the number of Syrian refugees in Dahuk and Al Anbar is no less than 21 thousand displaced. In September 25th 2012, the government announced the launching of a relieve campaign from the Iraqi people to the Syrian people via the Red Crescent.

Syria has been witnessing ever since March 15, 2011 widespread popular protests demanding reform and democracy. After the Syrian Security Forces and forces known as “Shabiha” faced the protests with unparalleled violence, the protesters demanded the fall of Assad’s regime. These events resulted in the death of more than 62 thousand persons according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The Syrian Authority blames “terrorist” groups of organizing these violence acts.

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