Official inauguration of three sculptures in Iraq Baghdad

February 23, 2013 10:19

Baghdad’s secretariat announced on Saturday that it intended to officially inaugurate 3 sculptures for the late sculptor Ghani Hikmat as part of the activities of “Baghdad Arab Capital of Culture For 2013”. These sculptures were installed in many squares in the capital.

“Baghdad’s secretariat will inaugurate 3 sculptures by the late artist Mohammad Ghani Hikmat in many squares in Baghdad as part of the activities of Baghdad Arab Capital of Culture For 2013”, said Public Relations and Media Directorate in the Secretariat in a press release of which Alsumaria got a copy.

“The first sculpture that will be inaugurated is “Baghdad’s Statue” (Timthal Baghdad) figuring a lady sitting on a chair wearing Abbasside traditional clothes, located in Andalusia square (Al Andalus)”, it revealed adding that “Baghdad’s statue is 3 meters high, with a 10.5 meters base; making the statue’s overall height about 13.5 meters”.

“The second sculpture is “Saving Iraq” statue (Nosob Inqath Al Iraq) embodying the leaning cylindrical seal of the Sumerian supported by bodies and hands which represents Iraqi’s resistance in the face of all challenges”, it highlighted, stressing that “this statue is 6 meters high while it’s base is 10 meters high and it will be placed in the Arabian Knight square (Al Fares Al Arabi) in Al Mansour area”.

“The third statue is that of “Baghdad’s Poetry” (Ashaar Baghdad) figuring a very well-known poetry verse by the late Iraqi poet Mustafa Jamal Eddine in a 6 meters high sculpture and a 10 meters high base. It is located neighboring Beiruti Café (Al Maqha Al Beiruti) in Al Karakh”, it mentioned.

Baghdad’s secretariat inaugurated in December 24, 2011, “Magic Lamp” statue (Al Fanous Al Sihri) in “Al Fateh” square near the National Theater. This sculpture is also one of Mohammad Ghani Hikmat’s works and it is 10 meters high.

Mohammad Ghani Hikmat is one of the most famous Iraqi sculptors, who was born in Al Qathimiyah, Baghdad in 1929 and died in the Jordanian capital Amman in September 2011.

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