Al Nujaifi: Mutahidun bloc allies with Oum Al Rabiain in Nineveh, Iraq

June 25, 2013 14:00
Head of Al Mutahidun bloc in Nineveh Athil Al Nujaifi

Head of Al Mutahidun bloc in Nineveh province, Athil Al Nujaifi, announced on Tuesday, June 25 that his bloc will enter into an alliance with Oum Rabiain Tribes’ National Gathering; stressing that this alliance will pave the way for the biggest bloc in Nineveh’s council.

“Mutahidun bloc in Nineveh announces its alliance with Oum Rabiain Tribes’ National Gathering. This alliance will be the pave the way for the biggest bloc in Nineveh’s upcoming council”, said Al Nujaifi in a conjoint press conference held on Tuesday June 25, with head of Oum Rabiain Tribes’ National Gathering, Hassan Khulayf and attended by Alsumaria.

“This alliance will include everyone with no exceptions”, added Al Nujaifi, pointing out that “this is an open door for every bloc in the province to join us”.

Independent High Electoral Commission announced on June 22, 2013 the preliminary results of the provincial elections in Nineveh: Mutahidun ranked first, followed by Brotherhood and Coexistence Alliance List and in third place came Loyalty to Nineveh List.

On June 17, Nineveh witnessed on June 17 the special elections for security forces’ members; while the general elections took place on June 20. The electoral commission announced that participation rates recorded 37.5%.

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