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Iraqi citizens receive cash as compensation for shortage in ration card

July 27, 2013 10:44

Trade Minister Kheirallah Babker confirmed that the Cabinet has agreed to compensate citizens with cash for shortage in ration card with a retrospective effect dating back to 2010; pointing out that Ramadan rations will still be dispatched.

Citizens will be given certain cash amount to compensate them for the lack of items in the ration card with a retrospective effect dating back to 2010; this was the Cabinet’s main decision taken during its ordinary session held on Tuesday, July 24. Minister of Trade, Kheirallah Babker; confirmed that he will work on finding a suitable procedure to calculate the value of the goods not delivered to the citizens during that period and ensure a mechanism to dispatch it.

Concerning Ramadan rations, the Minister confirmed that the additional items are given out to citizens according to the previously-set schedule.

The idea of giving out ration items in one bundle was not welcomed by the Cabinet who decided to abolish this decision for the time being.

Despite Ministry of Trade’s confirmation that ration cards will be improved soon, these guarantees are not enough for the citizens who constantly suffer from the rocketing prices.

Source :  News Source
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