Iraqi water filtering factories closed down and owners arrested

November 27, 2013 15:28

Health Supervision authority and Economic Crime directorate conducted a campaign against a number of factories that operate without a permit. This campaign led to closing down a number of factories and arresting their owners.

This person might think that the Health Supervision authority and Economic Crime directorate measures came as an objection to method used in filtering potable water. Nevertheless; this is far from the truth. The reason behind it is the lack of operation permit from the Ministry of Health which pushed local authorities to conduct this search operation. The factory owner claimed that he is using high-tech equipment to filter water; however the relevant authorities denied these allegations.

“This special devise only detects minerals in the water. It is quite normal that tap water contains a higher level of minerals since potable water is usually treated by filters”, mentioned Suhail Ahmad, head of the supervisors in the Health Supervision authority.

“The infringing factories work against the law and the directives by selling goods with unclear nutritional information; consequently this water is deemed unfit for human consumption”, highlighted Hussein Ali, an employee in the Health Supervision authority.

Supervision authorities reiterated that it will implement all the necessary measures that will put an end to unlicensed factories; urging owners to acquire the necessary papers.

“We are undertaking certain procedures: closing down factories, imposing fines and even destroying foodstuff. However factory owners are not being cooperative. We consequently urge shop owners who sell this water to ask the factories for the health permits”, commented Amma Yasser, director of Baghdad’s Supervision Unit in the Health Supervision authority.

Some closed down factories resumes work despite the sealing wax. This case must be followed up by the executive authorities; if not supervising authorities must be questioned according to observers.

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