Washington welcomes Iraqi Kurdistan’s decision to export oil via SOMO

March 21, 2014 13:00

The United States welcomed on Friday, March 21st the decision taken by Iraqi Kurdistan’s Government to import 100.000 barrels of oil daily as of April 1st. Washington called upon joint committees in Kurdistan and Baghdad to assess the exported oil, month by month according to the Iraqi Constitution; while stressing that it will continue to play the role of the neutral mediator and provide facilitations to both parties.

“The United States of America welcomed the decision taken by Kurdistan Region’s Government to start exporting 100.000 barrels of oil per day as of the beginning of April through the Iraqi-Turkish pipelines and pursuant to the measures adopted by the Central Iraqi Government”, mentioned the American Embassy in Baghdad in a press release of which Alsumaria received a copy.

“We also appreciate the fact that Kurdistan’s Government fulfilled its promise and ensured that the same quantity of oil is exported throughout the negotiation duration; in the hope that a frame agreement is reached to govern the oil and gas sector”, added the Embassy.

“USA urges the joint committee of Kurdistan’s Government and the Central Government to see that future goals in exportation are achieved and assessed monthly according to the technical and constitutional standards; especially that this committee encompasses experts from the Ministry of Oil in the Central Government and the Ministry of Natural Resources from Kurdistan Region’s Government”, the Embassy clarified.

As for the ongoing negotiations aiming to reach a frame agreement, the release pointed out that: “the US has noticed an important improvement in the past few months; including the general directive that will allow all Iraqis to equally enjoy the increase of oil production and exportation”.

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