3rd Boeing 737 Airplane lands in Baghdad airport, Iraq

By Ammar Tarek - March 27, 2014 12:00

Iraqi Ministry of Transport announced on Thursday that a 3rd airplane has arrived to Baghdad airport from US company Boeing. The Boeing 737-800 airplane was customized according to Iraq’s requirements to suit the Iraqi airspace’s needs.

“Baghdad International Airport welcomed this morning the third 737/800 Boeing airplane”, said Media Manager of Iraq Airlines, Salah Tayeh in a statement to Alsumaria; pointing out that “an official delegation from the Ministry of Transport was there to welcome the airplane and its crew”.

“This aircraft has been manufactured according to standards we have set to suit the Iraqi airspace and provide state-of-the-art services to Iraqi travelers”, added Tayeh. “A ceremony, attended by many Iraqi officials, will be held in honor of receiving the airplane which will join the Iraqi Airlines’ fleet”.

On December 13, 2012 the Iraqi Ministry of Transport took delivery of the first 777 Boeing airplane out of 45 others while the second was received in 2013.

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